Gel-Gel Room

Keris and Spearhead

Collection Name: Keris and Spearhead Material: Iron, steel, nickel Function: As a weapon and jewelery


Collection Name: Keris Material: Iron, Steel and Nickel Function: As a weapon and jewelry

Keris And Spearheads

Collection Name: Keris and spearheads Material: Iron, steel, nickel Function: As a weapon and jewelery


Collection Name: Keris Materials: Iron, steel and nickel Function: As a weapon and jewelery


Collection Name: Keris Materials: Iron, steel and nickel Function: As a weapon and jewelery

Semarapura Room

Group Photograph Of The Royal Klungkung Dancers Performing In Solo

Collection Name: Group Photograph of the Royal Klungkung Dancers Performing in Solo Caption: Mask artists from the era of Raja Ida I Dewa Agung Gede Oka Geg during a performance in Solo, Central Java in 1930. From left: Ida Bagus Made Tianyar, Ida Bagus Ngurah Tugur,...

People’s Court Photos

Collection Name: People's Court Photos Caption: There was a court trial (Raad Kertha) at Balai Kertha Gosa in 1940. Ida I Dewa Agung Gede Oka Geg (sitting in the center facing the lens), I Dewa Nyoman Pater (sitting no.2 from the right), Ida Pedanda Kertha from...

Klungkung Royal Letter

Collection Name: Letter from the Kingdom of Klungkung to the Queen of the Netherlands and its translation  

Klungkung Royal Letter

Collection Name : Letter from the Kingdom of Klungkung to the King of Karangasem and its translation

Puputan War – Contemporary Paintings

Collection Name: Contemporary Paintings Description: Puputan War between soldiers from the Kingdom of Klungkung against the Dutch Army on April 28, 1908 Origin: Gera Cucukan Klungkung


1 Set of Tools for Making Palm Sugar

Collection Name         : 1 Set of Tools for Making Palm Sugar Function                       : For cooking place sap water turns into palm sugar

1 Set Tengala

Collection Name: 1 Set Tengala Material : Coconut Wood Function: As a tool to plow the fields

1 Set Loom

Collection Name: 1 Set Loom Material: Wood Function: As a tool for weaving yarn into woven fabrics (Songket, Cepuk, Rang-rang, and Cag-cag)

1 Perapen Set

Collection Name: 1 Perapen Set Function: For a place to forge iron plates into sharp objects, such as daggers, swords, blades, knives, and others


Collection Name: Vases Large Vase Size: 36.3 cm high Hole 15.8 cm Ukran Vase Sedan: Height 328.8 cm Hole 14.5cm Ukran Vase Kesir: Height 35.5 cm Hole 9.5cm Material: Brass Function: For flower holder

Art / Cultural Eye Room

Klungkung Monument

War Puputan Klungkung 2 - This monument is a symbol of the struggle of the people of the kingdom of Klungkung against the Dutch colonial nation that occurred on Tuesday 28 April 1908. 7 - In the 19 th. Century the company had come to bali. Actually they had come to...

Klungkung Museum

History of Klungkung 5 - In the time of the kingdom, Klungkung became the center of government of the kings of Bali. King Klungkung is the direct heir and straight descendant of the Kresna Kepakisan Dynasty. Therefore, the history of Klungkung is closely related to...

Kerta Gosa

Meaning & History Of Kerta Gosa Kertha Gosa was a building or place for solving problems concerning security, prosperity, and justice of the Kingdom of Bali. The founder was not known, but according to CANDRA SENGKALA *) carved at Pemedal Agung (main door palace)...

Illustrated Holed Coins

Collection Name: Illustrated Holed Coins Size: Varies from 2 cm - 2.5 cm Material: Brass Function: Equipment for traditional and religious ceremonies

Dream Ball

Collection Name: Dream Ball Material: Coconut tree wood Function: For relaxation and meditation



Collection Name: Sinok Size: L= 75 cm W= 66 cm Ingredients: Oils Year: 1939


Collection Name: Dancing Size: L= 60 cm W= 45 cm Material: Layer Year: 1969

Mother With Child

Collection Name : Mother With Child Size: L= 50 cm W= 37cm Material: Layer Year: 1977

The Servant of The King

Collection Name: The Servant of The King Size: L= 69 cm W= 49 cm Material: Water Color Year: 1968


Collection Name: Night Size: Height 20cm Length: 30cm Material: Bronze Year: 1989



Collection Name: Sadri Size: L=77cm W=57cm Material: Carbon / Pastels Year: 1942

Night Dance

Collection Name: Night Dance Dimensions: Length = 100 cm Width = 70 cm Material: Carbon Year: 1939


Collection Name: Shells Size: L=87.5cm W=50cm Ingredients: Oils Year: 1939

Old Chinese Vendor in Denpasar

Collection Name: Old Chinese Vendor in Denpasar Size: L=62cm W=72cm Material: Lapis and waatcolor Year: 1940

The Legong Dancer Profile

Collection Name: The Legong Dancer Profile Size: L=25cm W=19cm Ingredients: Oil on wood Year: 1941


I Ketut Suadnyana, S.Pd, M.Si

Head of Culture Department Klungkung Regency

Welcome to the enchanting Semara Jaya Museum, nestled in the heart of Kabupaten Klungkung. Prepare to be captivated by a museum that embodies the spirit of Bali and its rich cultural heritage. Step into a realm where ancient traditions come alive, where vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship transport you to a bygone era.

As you enter our museum, you will be greeted by a symphony of sights and sounds that celebrate the unique essence of Bali. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of traditional Balinese art, with its graceful dance forms, evocative music, and mesmerizing rituals. Marvel at the intricate woodcarvings and delicate paintings that depict mythological tales and folklore, each brushstroke a testament to the artistic prowess of our ancestors. …

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